Medical Technology

From epidemiology to operational efficiency, big data is redefining the medical sector.

The need for storage within the medical industry has never been greater. Data retention time frames are increasing, patient databases are growing.  Within medical research more and more data is being generated as research & development projects evolve and grow year on year. The need to develop new medicines and find cures for diseases means the amount of new trials involving large amount of patients, and therefore data, is growing exponentially.

M2M can assist with any infrastructure project within the medical industry – upgrades of legacy workstations with SSDs and DRAM, to Data Centre Server upgrades with Enterprise class SSDs. At the larger end of the spectrum, our portfolio of storage arrays offer the speed, availability, low latency and disruptive pricing needed within this industry. Our cloud offerings can also assist, especially within medical research, with the ability to burst applications and the large amounts of files being generated into the cloud, and then move between private cloud, public cloud and On-prem as and when needed.

Our embedded and attached appliances mean we can develop specific medical machinery alongside our partners, including the Infrastructure for MRI machines, medical testing & measuring equipment, as well as embedded PCs and gateways.

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