Micron SATA SSDs

Micron SATA SSDs

Join the SOLID storage revolution. Because spinning media is winding down.


Made for the big demands of enterprise-class applications — Micron SATA SSDs deliver high performance and reliability, superior data protection, and optimal endurance to support your enterprise infrastructure.


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Micron 5200 SSD Security & Encryption


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Data is the new currency

Data is the new currency of business. It holds the answers to today’s toughest challenges. It’s all around us; in our connected devices, machines and gadgets. It’s captured in data centers. It’s stored in the cloud and it’s surging through networks. An estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes per day…stored, shared, and streamed. It holds the solutions to today’s toughest challenges—if we can transform it. That’s where memory comes in- and we know memory.

Memory is essential in moving, processing, collecting, storing, and sharing this treasured currency. It is key to turning data into valuable insight. It is a strategic differentiator allowing us to redefine how the world uses information.


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Micron 5200 Series SATA SSDs

Join the SOLID storage revolution. 


There’s an easy way to speed up business-critical workloads that cripple on hard drives: The Micron 5200 series of SATA SSDs. Engineered on industry-leading 64-layer 3D NAND, the Micron 5200 SSD delivers best-in-class performance and capacity on the same proven architecture as the 5100 series.

Designed for virtualized server workloads that power your business, such as OLTP, BI/DSS, VDI, block/object, and media streaming, the low-latency Micron 5200 SSD eliminates storage bottlenecks with fast, consistent performance — and a lower total cost of ownership.


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Ideal for Big Data, Private Cloud and Virtualized environments, the SATA 510 SSD’s offer:
Better All-Around Performance

Get better storage performance and better business performance. A single Micron SSD enables 3X more performance than an entire rack of 24 hard drives.** Imagine the impact — across your entire data centre.

Fewer Servers to Accomplish More

Improve efficiency in virtualized, hyperconverged and software-defined storage environments through server and storage platform consolidation and simplified IT maintenance, and improve TCO with lower power, cooling, software licensing and co-location costs.

Storage That Scales

Save time and money. Our unique Flex Capacity feature allows you to adjust the drive’s endurance, performance and capacity to meet your changing storage needs as your business grows and your workload and application needs evolve

Fast, Trusted, Easy, Secure

Take advantage of a proven architecture that’s been qualified and used by top OEMs, hyperscalers and data centers. The Micron 5200 SSD leads the industry with the highest published MTTF and lowest annualized drive failure rate for SATA enterprise SSDs.***

Micron Quality — From Silicon to System

Start with a strong foundation. Better SSDs come from better NAND, and we build ours — from silicon to system — to power data centers and make your workloads faster, more reliable, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Micron 5210 Series SATA SSDs

Introducing the world’s first QLC SSD.


Designed to challenge hard drives head-on, the Micron® 5210 ION is the world’s first SSD to market with quad-level cell (QLC) NAND technology – the next storage evolution that delivers fast capacity for less. Designed for the workloads of today and tomorrow – real-time analytics, big data, media streaming, block/object, SQL/NoSQL, and the data lakes that feed AI and machine learning – the Micron 5210 SSD accelerates analysis into action.

Freed from the confines of hard drive technology, storage architectures can now move to speed and scale, enabling greater infrastructure flexibility and data intelligence.


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Created for the data age, the SATA 5210 SSD’s offer:
Endless insight. Deep learning. Speed reading.

Before the age of AI, data centre read-to-write ratios were typically 4:1. Now it’s more like 5,000:1 and solutions to problems are increasingly found in the patterns data makes. Whether you’re querying a 10TB SQL database, streaming content and adjusting to traffic, or analysing daily transactions to tune your business model, real-time speed reading is key. Machines can only learn as fast as they can read and analyse data.

Huge data sets. Massive opportunity. With QLC SSDs.

Capacities on the Micron 5210 SSD start in terabytes, not gigabytes. That’s intentional. QLC technology allows you to store 33% more bits per cell. Cull oceans of data for answers with the affordable power of the Micron 5210 SSD – all while writing lots of data. You can also adjust the drive’s endurance and write performance with our innovative Flex Capacity™ feature to meet the needs of ever-evolving workloads.

Spin struggles. You don’t have to.

Compared to the largest 10K RPM HDDs available, the Micron 5210 ION delivers 175x faster random reads, 30x faster random writes, and 2x faster throughput. It’s also 3x more energy efficient, fueling a lower terabyte-to-terabyte total cost of ownership. Compared to 3.5-inch 7200 RPM HDDs, you can pack twice as many 2.5-inch Micron 5210 SSDs into a typical 2U rack to save on power, cooling, licenses, and floor space. How much are your racks costing you?

Micron Quality — From Silicon to System

Start with a strong foundation. Better SSDs come from better NAND, and we build ours — from silicon to system — to power data centers and make your workloads faster, more reliable, more efficient and more cost-effective.


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