Cloud-Scale, Flash-Native, Globally Distributed

Cloud-Scale, Flash-Native, Global Distributed File System

Elastifile are redefining enterprise storage with their high performance, hybrid cloud solution integrating on-premises and in-cloud file-based storage.  Elastifile’s cross cloud data fabric is seamlessly accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing users to integrate and collaborate with the data as if it’s stored locally.  With all flash performance, every workload’s data is now available to use without needing to ask for it, wait for it, or copy it across the network.

Next Generation Software Defined Storage


Elastifile is redefining the way data is stored and managed, enabling seamless deployment of private and hybrid cloud solutions. With enterprises and service providers facing increasing pressure to support both on-premises and cloud workflows, Elastifile delivers a revolutionary cross-cloud data fabric that unifies the data across these environments within the single global namespace of a global file/object system.


Enterprise-Grade Hybrid File Services


The Elastifile data fabric is elastic, easy to deploy and manage, and scales out on demand. Resources are intelligently shared across all environments. Elastifile was founded in 2013 and is backed by seven market leaders from across the data center and storage industries as well as Battery Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Team & Investors


Founded in 2013 by Amir Aharoni, Shahar Frank and Roni Luxenburg Elastifile has raised more than $50 million from VC and leading enterprise cloud and flash storage providers.

​Venture Capital Investors​

  • LightSpeed Venture Partners
  • Battery Ventures​.

 Strategic Investors include:

  •  Dell Technologies Capital
  • Cisco
  • Western Digital.


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Cloud Connect Product Brief


Elastifile Cloud Connect Product Brief-. DOWNLOAD  

Elastifile – The Story of Enterprise Data

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Elasttifile™ Lift, Shift & Go
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In the Press

‘A stretchy and scale-out file storage system built for flash and covering the on-premises and public cloud world has been announced by Elastifile. We first heard about Israel-based Elastifile in January a year ago when it pulled in a $35 million B-round.


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The future of the cloud era depends on connectivity and access. The Elastifile Cloud File System™ is freeing data locked inside storage silos with its pioneering cross-cloud data fabric:

Single Global Name Space


Elastifile delivers the performance, consistency, and elastic scalability necessary to support the broad spectrum of enterprise workloads.


The ECFS architecture seamlessly unifies storage and compute resources to create an elastic, highly-available aggregation of capacity, IOPS, and bandwidth – with consistent, low latency. Those resources are pooled across nodes and sites under an elastic distributed file system, enabling access for applications and users across environments: virtualized or bare metal, on-premises, off-premises service provider, or public cloud.

Designed to support mixed workloads while meeting the needs of challenging hybrid cloud environments – with their many apps, many users, many files – Elastifile eliminates the need for siloed, workload-specific storage solutions.


Linearly Scalable Performance without Compromise


ECFS clusters can be easily expanded to incorporate additional resources and/or service more applications and users.  As cluster sizes expand, performance scales linearly to coincide with the added resources, delivering a reliable, highly flexible, cost-effective data management platform.


Software-Only. Hardware Agnostic.


Meet true BYOH. Elastifile is completely infrastructure-agnostic, freeing admins from legacy vendor lock-ins and allowing them to pick any hardware, cloud, or environment.

Pay-As-You-Grow Subscription Pricing


Unlike most traditional storage products, Elastifile offers economic options aligned to the business and budgetary requirements of modern enterprises. Elastifile enables customers to minimize non-essential CAPEX and move to flexible, OPEX-centric consumption-based pricing.

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