Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

by | Sep 5, 2018

IT Infrastructure is key to helping businesses stay competitive, and a pivotal part of this is assessing where workloads and data should be deployed. Traditional IT of having everything on premise in Data Centers has of course shifted more and more in recent years to Hybrid Cloud environments. In fact, a recent report showed that 80% of companies will have applications in the cloud within the next 2 years, and the remaining 20% doing so in the next 4 years.


With the Cloud offering greater scalability, flexibility, agility and cost savings most Enterprises will either be actively moving towards Hybrid Cloud Environments or planning to do so. There are a number of considerations when looking at Hybrid Cloud and where data and applications should be deployed. These include:


  • What are the types of workloads
  • Are there any mission critical applications
  • What performance is needed
  • Are there any security needs or concerns
  • How much data is there within the workloads
  • Is Multi Cloud integration needed

** The answers to all these considerations (based on latency, performance, security, integration and scalability) will then require choices to be made to determine whether Private or Public Cloud is the best option for each workload and application.

M2M look to supply a portfolio of products that can help organizations at whichever stage they are at of their Hybrid Cloud journey! Whether just planning and upgrading legacy hardware before cloud migration, or looking at elastic software solutions for lift and shift of workloads, and dedicated storage for cloud growth.



The Elastifile Cloud File System is a software-defined, high-performance, elastic distributed file system designed from the ground up for massive scale and performance. It consolidates mission-critical workloads based in file, object, and block storage with consistent high performance, scaling linearly as resources are added.

Elastifile enables lift & shift of legacy applications to Cloud, bursting scenarios with large data sets, and improved alternatives to file-systems currently available (which lack enterprise-grade data management features, limited elasticity, and inconsistent performance). It also uniquely enables multi cloud usage, without refactoring or ingress / egress charges (working closely with and and approved by AWS, Google and Microsoft).


M2M work with Cloud Providers, Data Centres, OEMs and integrators to build solutions on the Dell EMC portfolio of storage and servers. Ranging from entry to mid range systems, All Flash Arrays, and Enterprise storage, the Dell EMC data storage systems help you do more, move faster, and perform better.

The Dell EMC 14G PowerEdge servers offer maximum acceleration for Cloud & IT Transformation, combining a highly scalable architecture and optimum balance of compute and memory to maximize performance across the widest range of applications. As an OEM Partner, M2M can offer a number of advantages – Customized built hardware with custom OEM support, corporate branding on solutions and Specialist products not generally available.

The portfolio of InfiniBox Hybrid Storage Arrays support private and public cloud environments with unmatched efficiency at scale, optimised business models, and effortless integration into orchestration platforms.

Cloud clients using Infinidat want flexibility and operational simplicity and they need to be confident that the business models can scale as they grow. Service providers and end customers alike appreciate the economic advantages that result from the efficient INFINIDAT storage software architecture.


If your existing infrastructure is nearing the end of its life cycle in support or performance, but you’re not looking to move to cloud or ready to face a total infrastructure refresh. Upgrading your existing hardware is a great and cost effective solution to extending the life of your datacentre.

This could be swapping your traditional spinning disk for enterprise solid state drives. Or looking at newer technologies like NVME or Intel Optane for low latency, high performance solutions. Even a simple upgrade, boosting performance with extra DRAM.

Are you looking for high performing, cost effective solutions? M2M can help. We have worked on a number of projects where organisations have asked us to look at interim solutions for performance enhancing with DRAM and Flash upgrades in legacy infrastructure. 

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