Working with M2M to make your data a priority, Micron delivers the performance you need. 

M2M have over 10 years’ experience working with Micron as an authorised distributor. Their extensive enterprise portfolio is the result of years of dedication to technology and innovation, transforming the way the world uses data.


Our specialist Enterprise team are on hand to assist with solutions for business-critical applications, autonomous driving, client computing, agile storage and high performance needs. 


Examples of our OEM projects include:


  • Large scale office transformations with our reseller partners into financial institutions, oil and gas, broadcast media and public sector.
  • Sever upgrade projects into enterprise organisations and data centre providing innovative storage solutions.


Crucial have introduced a specific server configurator which explains how server memory modules are installed and in what banks and where. This is very useful tool as it explains how and where to move different types of DIMMS such as Load reduced Dimms which often interfere when mixing with Registered and ECC Dimms.


Choosing the right partners is prerequisite for success in distribution. With M2M’s focus on enterprise technology solutions we know Micron are at the heart of innovation, designing the technology, products and systems that allow our customers to deploy applications faster and scale without limit.


Crucial Product Manager Steve Deacon:

M2M Enterprise
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+44 (0)208 676 6067